Marijke Krijt’s Personal COVID-19 Experience

by Marijke Krijt
Occupational Therapist – Sunnyside

Hellooooo, I’m Marijke

an extroverted OT at Sunnyside hospital

At first hearing about this intense virus I thought that it’s something that would be sorted out quick sticks, you know? First world countries to our rescue (to do do dooo)! After all we all thought we’d be hovering around in our flying cars by 2020; instead we are singing happy birthday while washing hands 😉

During this first part of lock down I really didn’t know what I was to do with myself. I love going out to the beach and spoiling myself with non-essential things that are so essential to my self-care, like a good Seattle coffee. My thoughts went racing as well. All these questions jumping up out of nowhere:

What will I need? What is essential? What is essential to me but not according to the regulations? What does this mean to my extroverted social life? HEEEEEELP!

Then after a substantial amount of chocolate was consumed to release endorphins and some mindful practices were applied, I found I could face this new unknown challenge…  It’s all so strange to me; I don’t quite know how to respond exactly. Finding the right balance between extreme versus nonchalance is tricky.  So, I’m just figuring it out on the way. Here are some things I have done so far to spend my time constructively .