Nurture Health’s Coronavirus Response


Since early January, we have been tracking the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation daily and developing and updating guidance to standardise our response to the evolving situation.

With the disease now established in South Africa, and with the new measures announced by President Ramaphosa, we are intensifying our organisational response. The situation is without doubt a serious one, and therefore the need to modify the way in which we go about our day-to-day lives at home and at work. There is, however, no reason for panic and fear.

We will take every possible step to protect you, our patient, your family and ourselves from being exposed to the virus. This means that we must ensure that we do not allow anyone to bring the virus into our system of care.

We know that both the spread of this disease and our decisions about it will not only affect Nurture programs and planning, but the lives of you and your families. Please accept our gratitude in advance for your goodwill and understanding. We hope that all involved can be sensitive to each other’s burdens in this situation and make accommodations where we can.

Steps That We Have Taken

  • We have updated our Safety and Handwashing policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and service providers.
  • We have provided our staff with additional training, and reinforced our existing training
  • We have implemented additional screening and assessment at the entrances to all our facilities to ensure we best protect all involved.
  • We have made changes to our Visitation Times and Policies to the minimise risks for patients and their loved ones.
  • We have tasked a team with monitoring the situation and updating our response accordingly. They are providing feedback and recommendations to the organisation on a daily basis.
  • We have engaged with all our Service Providers to ensure that they also implement the best known practices to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

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