Today’s Victory Hour Topic Is Feel Like A Kid Again

Childhood Maze

Today’s theme is “feel like a kid again
Shift to the positive and grab your pen
Time waits for no one
Let’s incorporate some fun

What is today’s joke?
Or do you rather prefer a poke?
Think about what makes you laugh?
Was it maybe your toys in the bath?
What did you do during your childhood times?
Did you also recite poetic rhymes?
Do you recall your favourite sweets and food?
Does this influence your mood?

Victory Hour is to journal and reflect
Today we’re focusing on the childhood’s effect
Think of the games; the laughter; the happiness
OH! To be a kid is bliss!

Here is a link to a memory maze… to complete with a nostalgic daze: download today’s activity

Activity for today:

  • Fill in the maze – colour in your way through the maze (without crossing a solid line)
  • When you reach a picture, rest your eyes for a bit and answer the following question below – Alternate between completing the maze and answering the questions.
  • Afterwards call up or message a childhood friend and discuss your answers. Also ask them their answers

Today’s journal prompts:

  • Draw a picture of your 8-year-old self – write down 5 things about your 8-year-old self
    (what you liked, disliked, wanted, who you spent time with etc.)
  • What would your 8-year-old self be doing in this time of lock down? Be descriptive
  • What would your 8-year-old self, have liked to do (if there was no lock down?)
    Do it when lock down is over…
  • What makes you feel like a kid again?
    (reflect on different things, activities, people, food, places, music, stories)