Why Exercise? Thoughts from Daleen Lamprecht (Biokineticist)


1% is LIFE happening to you

99% YOU are happening to life

Now read that again!

Not in the mood Reduces anxiety
No time Reduces feelings of depression
Kids keep me too busy Improves sleep patterns
Work Reduces blood pressure
I don’t want to Stabilises blood sugar levels
Too tired Makes you happier!! Endorphins release
Don’t have access to gym/finances Reduces stress
Too lazy Improves mobility


The human has the most advanced computer on earth – the brain. Maybe it is time to quiet the mind, and allow your brain to collectively realise, I HAVE CONTROL, not life. I CAN CHOOSE to feel better. Or you can choose not to.

Do you have 5 minutes?

[You just had 5 minutes and you chose to spend it on reading this.]

Its like procrastinating on your turn to wash the dishes – I can guarantee, if you just go and spend 5 minutes on washing dishes – you will be amazed to see that afterwards, you did more than you set out to – and most possibly, all the dishes are done!

I challenge YOU – go and spend 5 minutes on yourself. Do something that pushes your heart rate up. Just get started. Even if you can just do 3 minutes at a time.

Will you be astonished at what you were capable of? I suspect yes!!

Please take note: The only one to benefit from exercising is you! You might think others do, but it’s really just you.

Stay safe!!