Did You Know That Medical Aids Pay For Rehab?

Medical aid schemes are coming to realise that contributing to drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a viable way to keep their clients in good health.

Drug and alcohol abuse causes many associated health complications. Medical aid schemes minimise the risk of the costs of these related health problems by covering their clients with addiction treatment and is in their clients’ best interest and theirs.

Medical Aids And Addiction

Fortunately for people struggling with addiction, medical aid schemes are willing to pay for rehab the same way they would for any other illness.

Drug and alcohol addiction can affect anybody, and the recovery therapy is a long process that can cost a significant amount of money. Medical aid schemes have recognized this and include this type of cover in their plans.

Medical Aids Covering Drug Recovery

With the increase of knowledge that is being attained by psychologists and doctors, all research supports longer periods spent in treatment leads to more successful outcomes. Medical aid schemes are compelled to pay more for addiction treatment because of the growing number of professionals who agree that is belongs in a disease category, including time spent in rehab.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery Facilities

Nurture Health Recovery and Wellness hospitals are dual-diagnosis facilities and patients may take advantage of both psychiatric and substance abuse medical aid benefits. This extends the patient’s stay with us from 21 to 54 days where underlying trauma, that is often identified as the root of physical addiction, is treated.

Contact Your Nearest Nurture Health Recovery and Wellness Facility

Contact Your Nearest Nurture Health Recovery and Wellness Facility and let us consult your personal medical aid company today and discover their options on addiction treatment and rehab. It’s the first step to effective treatment for yourself or your loved one.

We do addiction treatment well, and we can help you.

We exist to inspire you, to support and to equip you to lead the life you can. We are devoted to making it possible for you to be happy and fulfilled.

That’s what we do, that’s why we come to work every day and that is our commitment to every person who comes to us. We do not judge, we do not blame, we only lend a hand to empower you.

Most importantly, you WILL get your life back and you WILL be able to rebuild strong, healthy relationships with your loved ones!

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