Breathing and Grounding

In this article, I would like to introduce you to a powerful tool that you have to your disposal anytime, anywhere, at no cost.  It requires no prescription. In fact, all it requires is a little bit of your time each day, and a few minutes whenever you feel a sense of overwhelming.

The Power Of Choice

Sometimes making the right choice or even knowing how to choose is very difficult, but it is vitally important to understand that you are in charge of your own life if you chose to think for yourself. If you chose not to take charge, you will experience the consequences of that choice, and simply be blown about by life like a leaf in the wind.


Video: Managing addiction during the lockdown

This videos entails: what is addiction, what are some of the withdrawals that you may be facing during the lockdown, how can you manage your withdrawals within your home environment, what can families do to support a loved one with an addiction problem and lastly what are the resources available for someone who struggles with addiction.